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5 Best fitness channels to follow, for diet, form and inspiration on youtube

Many of these YouTube publishers have developed their successful channels because they have perfected and worked hard on their form and diet when lifting, and are willing to share. For us mere mortals, it’s probably a good idea to seek some inspiration before a good workout… time to tell your brain, “I need focus, I […]

SIM Free Pay as you go

SIM Free Pay as you go simply compared

Price Plans are can be confusing, you need to read carefully what’s on offer before you choose, however being SIM free you can get a good deal, as you don’t have to pay the subsidised cost of the phone! We hope the below highlights the plan that best suits your needs for a SIM free […]

Funny cats annoying owners

Funny cats annoying owners

Don’t let their adorable faces fool you, these cats are out to torment their human companions, slowly… over a very long period of time! Most cat owners, will have experienced a few of these, in particular the destruction of a toilet roll, my personal favourite. Oh never leave college notes lying around!

Pictured: Lucinda Creighton

Is this the worst political interview ever?

It’s hard to feel sorry for any politician in Ireland. But when you are completely unable to answer the most basic questions a politician would expect to be asked about their party, it’s hard not to feel sorry for Terence Flanagan of Renua Ireland. He had a complete brain freeze in an interview yesterday with RTE’s […]


Android running slow?

Even the latest android phones, can slow down a point where it impacts  basic usability, here are a few points that can help bring new life to your android device. App review – How many installed apps are you actually using? Have a quick slide through the apps screen, more than you thought?  Exactly! Even […]

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