5 Best fitness channels to follow, for diet, form and inspiration on youtube

Many of these YouTube publishers have developed their successful channels because they have perfected and worked hard on their form and diet when lifting, and are willing to share.

For us mere mortals, it’s probably a good idea to seek some inspiration before a good workout… time to tell your brain, “I need focus, I need strength, I need to look good”. Along our travels, here are some of¬† the best we found, but, of course there are others, comment below and I will update this post.

Kali Muscle

With over 500,000 subscribers this guy is a hard act to follow. “I’m here to motivate and inspire those of you that want to be your best in fitness, bodybuilding, and of course life in general. Let’s live life to the fullest while looking incredible at the same time.”

Dominic Munnelly

Useful Irish based fitness inspiration, he just needs to learn to use landscape mode in his phone ūüėČ

Scott Herman Fitness

SHF is dedicated to creating quality content that will get you the results you are looking for! No gimmicks here! Just hard work!

 The Lean Machines

I just started following these lads, there young but seem to know their stuff, with over 250,000 subscribers…



Serious business, here.


SIM Free Pay as you go simply compared

Price Plans are can be confusing, you need to read carefully what’s on offer before you choose, however being SIM free you can get a good deal, as you don’t have to pay the subsidised cost of the phone!

We hope the below highlights the plan that best suits your needs for a SIM free pay as you go offering. Keep in mind these plans change very regularly.

[tabs style=”default” title=”SIM Free SIM Free Pay As You Go Price Plans Compared”]

[tab title=”Three”]3

Requires: 20 euro top up, can keep 20 euro

Data: Unlimited ( restriction applies)

Calls & Texts: Free Any Network Texts, Free Any Network Weekend Calls, Free Three to Three Calls

Notes: You have to pay for weekday calls to land-lines and off network mobiles[/tab]

[tab title=”Vodafone”]vodafone

Requires: 20 euro top up

Data:  See restriction below

Calls & Texts: Free Vodafone calls and texts OR free any network texts AND up to 500MB of data

Notes:¬†¬†Free data on top of your free calls and texts ‚Äď when you top up by ‚ā¨25 each month.[/tab]

[tab title=”Tesco”]tesco

Requires: 5,10, or 15 euro topup

Data:  Addons available 1Gb for 5 euro and 5Gb for 10 euro

Calls & Texts:

  • 5 euro:¬†FREE Tesco Mobile to Tesco Mobile texts.
  • 10 euro:¬†FREE Tesco Mobile to Tesco Mobile calls & text. 250 FREE webtexts
  • 15 euro:¬†UNLIMITED Calls to All Mobiles & Landlines¬†FREE Tesco Mobile to Tesco Mobile calls & texts, 250 Free webtexts.¬†Keep your ‚ā¨15 credit
  • Addon 10 euro for unlimited texts can be used from the left over 15 euro above

Notes:  This seems one of the best offers around, Tesco mobile uses the 3 mobile network for services, currently has no 4 G offering.[/tab]


[tab title=”Meteor”]meteor

Requires: 10 ,20 or 30 euro topup

Calls & Texts & Data:

  • 10 euro: 7.5 GB of data or unlimited calls
  • 20 euro: ¬†Unlimited Calls & 7.5GB Data OR¬†Unlimited Texts & 7.5GB Data or¬†Unlimited Calls & Texts
  • 30 euro:¬†Unlimited Calls and Texts & 7.5GB Data

Notes: 4G included on their 20 and 30 euro plan